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Our Queen

Jynx joined our family in Summer 2020.  She is a Purebred Registered Sphynx and her bloodline clear from HCM.  Her solid black colouring, large smart ears and jet black face off put by soft green eyes was originally was the deciding factor for choosing her.

Our Jynx is just the picture of perfection! In addition to being a gorgeous girl, her personality equally matches. She is so sweet and docile with my young boys - always eager allowing them to daunt her around and snuggle her to sleep, or hand feed her treats and follow them around the house. Playing fetch and helping with chores are her favorite activities.  The Sphynxs' extremely extroverted personality with need for a deep human bond as they will shadow you rom to room, and are quick to attempt sharing snacks, as well as guilt you into extra cuddles and loving.

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