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About Us

We speculated on Sphynx's for years and years, and finally took the plunge Summer 2017 when Jackyl  joined our family. Our obsession with the spectacular breed quickly grew from there. We all became attached -  my kids especially.  They came to depend on the easy-going presence and soon an unbreakable bond is made.  It continues to amaze me watching them grow and interact with  house members, each with their own quirky personality. 


Like you'd expect from a dog - Jackyl will greet you at the door, shadow you around the house, and  all around be available for attention anytime.  Our love and interaction with this breed was endless!  Car rides around town, camping in the mountains, and jogging on trails were our family favorites to do with the cats.  Queen Jynx joined our home summer 2020 and thus sealed the deal. Her outgoing personality and docile, gentle demeanor were everything we needed to make us want to share this type of bond with others.  I have since undergone my Veterinary Office and Technical Assistant studies with grand intention of providing the best care and love possible, well making an impact on others lives while proving to be an asset in the Veterinary field of medicine.

Under the Fuzzy Wuzzy Cattery, we will continue to breed Canadian Sphynx kittens with no outcrosses to Bambino or Elf.  All our breeding Queens and studs are based on Hypertrophic Cardiomyopathy (HCM) scanned cats that have also been clear for generations and generations. 



The Sphynx

The Sphynx cat is an affectionate animal that is curious and enjoys frequent attention, which is why they'll take part in your family events! The friendly four-leggers offer ongoing socialization and energy, following you around the house and always greeting you at the door. They never intend to scratch, hurt, or irritate making them well suited for families with kids or other animals. Sphynx's are very intelligent and once instructed not to do something, they do their best not to.

Sphynx's do not seem to have a superiority complex. Rather than acting like they're better than everyone else, they want to be part of the human's world. They always find a way to be a part of your everyday routine either by draping themselves around you while you type at the computer, sitting on the fresh laundry as you fold, snuggling in your lap as you watch TV, or trying to play fetch while you exercise at home. This is a pet that will give you all the companionship you need. After a short while, you'll find your hairless kitty becomes quite intuitive to your moods and emotions.

One of the greatest things about a Sphynx is that it blurs the traditional boundaries between cats and dogs. This is a cat that dog people will love. Sphynx cats' personalities combine the best elements of cats and dogs to create a wonderful pet that everyone will love. 

Sphynx adore heat and never miss an opportunity to get warm. They will gladly sit on your lap, sneak under a blanket, or cuddle anyone that is still. They give off a feeling of warmth and tenderness to their owners. 

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